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So this clearly isn’t song lyrics! Those are saved as drafts for now and will be dealt with at a later date (there are a rather atrocious number of typos that I would prefer to fix first). Regardless, I was recently at a newly built condo in, while I wouldn’t say the ‘heart’ of the […]

你好!91后的就可以叫我姐姐了哈哈! 我叫t. 我是海外生长的, 是加拿大人, 也没什么回国中国. 说实话, 我的中文挺弱的, 也只是自学而以. 小时候我外婆虽然教过我, 但那时候岁数小, 也没好好的学. 我是加拿大人,但也是中国人. 我的父母是中国人,我的外公外婆爷爷奶奶一代一代的也都是中国人. 可是我在这长大的. 但我又不爱看着的电视 又不爱吃着的饭 又不这么爱听着变得音乐. 还有! 我不想找一个外国人做男朋友!!!!!!!! 但我明明也不是中国长大的 也没在中国上过学 而只带过短短的两个星期而已. 这博客哪 也就是让我写些我这方面的想法. 因为我中文实在太烂了, 我这博客也就用英文写了! Hi! I’m t. I was born and have lived in Canada all my life, and haven’t really been (back?) to China at all. In all honesty, my Chinese is […]